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I am a fully qualified Alexander Technique Teacher, a member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT), and work part time as STAT Development Manager. As a member of STAT I am fully insured and adhere to the Society's published Code of Professional Conduct. I am DBS certificated (which was previously the enhanced CRB) which enables me to work with children. My training was at the London Centre for Alexander Technique and Training (LCATT). This is a STAT accredited school and the course took three years full time. I have also completed specialised Postgraduate training for Alexander Teachers working in Education. This is certified by The Charity for the F Matthias Alexander Technique and run by ‘The Developing Self', click here to go to their website.

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My involvement with the Alexander Technique started with lessons in 1998. Over the years I have gained much understanding of my own use this, together with my meditative practice, gave me valuable insight that helped make the most of my training.
Since graduating I have worked with small groups, taking workshops and group classes. This includes workshops for Physiotherapists, Enfield Music Service and classes for elderly people. I worked at Educare Small School Kingston for 7 years, a small private nursery and primary school that has Alexander Technique at its core (click here to see a short film about Alexander in Education, it includes myself and some of the work I do at Educare).

Additionally I have worked one to one with clients with varying concerns, including back and neck pain, anxiety and panic attacks, voice problems, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease and Hypermobility Syndrome.
I have also had the opportunity to assist the Alexander Technique teachers at the Royal College of Music. Music, drama and dance are other areas where the technique is frequently used. Clients learn to improve their use, decrease performance anxiety and reduce problems like RSI, which can be created by bad use and excess tension while practicing.


After Graduating from University I worked as a personal fitness trainer. An injury to my lower back caused sciatic pain, which reoccured quite frequently. The on-going situation made me re-look at my use and on recommendation I started Alexander Technique lessons. During my lessons I was made aware of my habits of movement and use that were exasperating my back condition. I learnt to use myself in a more co-ordinated, efficient and easier way.
After I had my son, I wanted to explore different ways I could teach and reignite the love I had of teaching children. I worked as an educational volunteer for National Trust property for 18 months. I helped lead drama workshops and the key stage 2 Tudor Schools programme. Then for two years I was a teaching assistant in a primary school. During this time I realised how teachers and children in schools would benefit greatly from Alexander Technique. At this point I made a decision to train as an AT teacher, thinking that it would not only greatly benefit myself, but to hopefully share this knowledge with adults and children alike.

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Working with Esther on the Alexander Technique has completely revolutionised the way I move and view my body. By working with Esther, I now have cultivated some excellent habits which will no doubt aid me in the future. Having joint hypermobility puts me at high risk of injury and bad posture, but by learning about the Alexander technique, I am now on the path to breaking this cycle. Esther worked in conjunction with my physiotherapy treatment to aid my recovery after injury and prevent future incidences. Victoria Cansfield, Actor

I was referred to Esther after six sessions of osteopathy had made little difference to constant tension headaches. Esther has a clear and gentle way of imparting her knowledge and helping her clients to get the very most out of their Alexander Technique lessons. My headaches, although not disappeared entirely are much, much better thanks entirely to Esther and what she has taught me. I recommend her warmly and enthusiastically. Chrissie Le Marinel.

I have suffered with lower back pain and sciatica for the past 7 years and taking medication on a daily basis became the norm. In fact I wouldn't leave the house without them. Then I was recommended the Alexander Technique. I have had in the region of 30 lessons and Esther has proved to be an invaluable teacher, with her expert knowledge and calm nature she has taught me how to listen to my body, let go of bad habits and understand how vital correct posture and looking after our bodies structure is essential in our daily lives.
My back problem will always be there, however, my eternal gratitude goes to Esther for eliminating my pain and as a result of AT I no longer require my daily cocktail of pills. I thoroughly recommend AT to everyone. Maria Yiacoumi, Assistant Manager at Rolex Selfridges

Esther is a great communicator, she combines her anatomical knowledge and training superbly with her personal experiences, to provide a very thorough explanation of normal movement, postural analysis, body awareness, and improvement through action.
She led an excellent in-service training session to our physiotherapy department, which resulted in our highly experienced therapists re-evaluating their current understanding and treatment provision, which ultimately leads to a better patient experience.
I would have no trouble recommending her to any one with an interest in the Alexander Technique. Karl Rosenberg, Physiotherapy Manager, BMI Healthcare

I found the workshop really interesting. It was enlightening how we all begin with such brilliant posture as babies (and young children) and how we learn bad habits in life! With the Alexander Technique we saw how we can get back to natural good posture.
The workshop was fun and relaxing! Nicola Carroll

A course of lessons with Esther has been a revelation and a delight. Learning Alexander Technique quickly made a very significant improvement to the painful tension in my neck and shoulders and visibly altered my poor posture. Esther is an excellent teacher whose stillness and serenity pervade every lesson. Her teaching is very clear and easy to follow and I highly recommend both her workshops and lessons. Carol Boroughs; Three Principles Facilitator and homeopath

Esther is a very methodical and reassuring teacher. Her methods are steady, relaxed and enjoyable to work with, and her results are immediate. I have already felt definite benefits from our work in AT after only 5 sessions and can now understand how continuing the process regularly can be so successful in helping achieve healthy body posture. Graham Fawcett; writer, teacher, lecturer, translator and broadcaster

I did a total of 11 Alexander lessons with Esther. These lessons were conducted with warmth and care which provided an optimal environment for me to learn the Alexander technique. I particularly recommend Esther to people who lead a fast pace lifestyle or have a stressful job or simply need time out to reconnect with themselves. The lessons with Esther helped me learn how to live in my body more harmoniously and use my body more effectively then I previously did. The unexpected learning for me was the peace and joy I experienced after my 5th lesson with Esther as I was more able to reconnect with my body. I would recommend Alexander technique to everyone who has a body! Nu Cullen; Psychotherapist

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